Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Azreen and Riccardo's outdoor shoot

Hi All!

Thanks for keep coming to visit my blog. It's been pretty hectic for the past month up until now. Just want to update you guys and gals on Azreen and Riccardo's outdoor wedding shoot which we did right after their Majlis Akad Nikah (Solemnization Ceremony) last month. The location is at Pekeliling Flats. Azreen decided to shoot there for a few reasons:

1. She grew up in Bandar Baru Sentul and passes the flats during her commute to work. Let's just say that there's a certain amount of sentimental value to Azreen.

2. The Pekeliling Flats are now being prepared to be demolished. Soon, the existence of this landmark will be non-existent. Therefore, this is part of documenting history on a "historical moment".

It was enjoyable for all of us to be on location, shooting this exciting wedding outdoor session. Both Azreen and Riccardo were really excited with the outcome when the prints came out. I just can't help but to share with you all some of these images. They're both a truly amazing couple. I love photographing them!

Last but not least, and most of all, I have to thank Zuri, Azreen's bridesmaid, who is also her best friend, for referring this lovely couple to hiring me, and trusting me, as their wedding photographer.

Thank you Zuri, Azreen and Riccardo, and to both your family members and friends who were warm to accomodate my presence during your wedding.

All the best, and enjoy!

Azreen and Riccardo. I wanted to have a retro-feel to the images, in-line with the "historical" theme for the Pekeliling Flats shoot. I love this moment. Got it while they were waiting for the train.
IMG:Azreen and Riccardo

LRT Montage. So much to show, so I thought a small montage would give an idea of how much fun we had. :)
IMG:LRT Montage

A classic moment.
IMG:Black-and-White moment

Another Black-and-White montage. Notice the words used? Pun intended. "Persatuan" means Unity, and "Satu" means "One". Kinda cool IMHO.
IMG:Black-and-White montage

On the way back, with lots of fun.
IMG:Black-and-White escalator portrait

Last shot.
IMG:Black-and-White escalator