Sunday, November 21, 2010

Beach Wedding

Hello All,

Here's some of the wedding photos I took for a lovely couple (they choose to keep their names unpublished). Let's just say, they're Mr. & Mrs. H. They were shot in Port Dickson beach. We had a great three-hour session from around 4pm till sunset. When these photos turn out on the LCD screen, I just jumped out of my skin they're gorgeous!  Here they are...enjoy!

p/s: BTW, that lovely dress? Mrs. H designed and made it on her own. It's fantastic!

The money shot: "The Sunset Kiss". Just perfect, don't ya think?:)

Here's another shot with some ambient background.

"Last Light". The sun was really setting down. By the time we finished this last shot, it was almost pitch black and we had a hard time getting back to the car through the sand. Lucky we had our mobile phones, which doubled as torch lights!

Just Lovely.

This is one of my favorite shots. It's at the beach, yet it really looked like they were in the Amazon!

The evening light is just beautiful, accentuating their lovely expressions. Simply amazing.

Can you get "Dizzy in Love"?  I'm pretty sure you can when love is "spinning" around.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Registration: 14th Simple Food Photography Workshop

Hello All,

Yeay! My 14th Simple Food Photography Workshop is now open for registration. This would be my 14th workshop since 2007. After three years of running a food photography workshop, this simple crash-course has evolved to become better and more efficient, with additional jam-packed information about food photography. I do make it a point to keep this workshop up to date at every point of time it's being held.

It has been quite a time gap between my last Simple Food Photography Workshop last year, due to my busy schedule on photography works. I'm happy to say that now I've got some allocated time to spare for teaching workshops to fellow photography enthusiasts.

Here are some good news to share:

  1. Our studio has been going thru some minor renovation work to suit a more comfortable working space.
  2. Some of us might not have any speedlights/flash, therefore, I'll be teaching some additional new information with regards to photographing your best with available light. Not to worry, learning to shoot with flash is included as previous workshops.
  3. I love to support upcoming photography enthusiast in picking up new forms of photography. With that note, I've decided to maintain the registration fees same as the last workshop, which is only RM220. No price increase in fees! Cool 'eh, especially in this economy?
What you'll learn?
Food photography, from start to finish, including: preparation, lighting, composition, styling, shooting, edit, and selling.

Well, let's jump to it then. Registration's now open. Limited to 5 seats only. Please register first in the registration form below. After registration, you'll be emailed with payment instructions. Payment terms is round about 50/50, which is RM120 to confirm your seat, and RM100 paid on the workshop day.

What to bring?
250mm f1.8 (if possible, otherwise, a kit lens will do)
3. Plenty of CF/SD cards because we'll be shooting RAW
4. Thumbdrive. Just in case you'll like to transfer/copy some files.


Now, please remember to fill up this form below to attend: