Thursday, April 8, 2010

Upcoming April Workshops. Now OPEN.

Hi All,

April's still around for another two exciting workshops. Registration is now OPEN, so please check out these links below. Thanks!


Night Class: Introduction to Studio Lighting
More info

13th Simple Food Photography Workshop
More info

Registration: 13th Simple Food Photography Workshop

Hi All,

It's been a while since the last Simple Food Photography Workshop was held. I was pretty busy for all my weekends, and even my food photo project blog got stuck. There are a lot for me to catch up, but my silence was because I was prepping new techniques to add into this workshop series and also prepping for Level 2 Food Photography.

Well, let's jump to it then. Registration's now open. Limited to 5 seats only. Please register first in the registration form below. After registration, you'll be emailed with payment instructions. Payment terms is round about 50/50, which is RM120 to confirm your seat, and RM100 paid on the workshop day.

Registration: 2nd Night Class, Introduction to Studio Lighting now OPEN.

Hi All,

With the your support, the 2nd Night Class, Introduction to Studio Lighting is now open for registration. Everything else remain as crazy as before.

1. Crazy RM50 fee.
2. Crazy jam-packed 4-hours hands-on lighting learning.
3. Crazy fun!

Read more info on the past Inaugural Night Class report on my posting here.
For more behind the scenes images, please check out Mus'ab's facebook gallery here.

Please register below. You'll receive a confirmation on your seats, payment instructions and directions via email.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First Night Class Review

Hi All,

Our first Night Class was a blast!

Started at 8.00pm and we wrapped out nearly over an hour past 12.00 midnight. This night class is a short introduction to studio lighting. It's kinda like your "first date" with studio lighting. The participants got a chance to know how studio lights work, studio etiquette and how to communicate with a talent.

With 4-hours of time, all participants get a hands on with measuring light with a flashmeter, and understand the  concepts of exposure and tonal range based on Ansel Adam's zone system.

In summary, here are what we all learned:

  1. Difference and similarities between studio light and speed light.
  2. How to measure light? Using a flash meter, histogram method and guide number.
  3. Exposure basics, f-stop, compensation and such.
  4. Ansel Adams Zone System. How to get white, gray and black background with the same camera exposure settings.
  5. Studio ethics and safety.
  6. Model-Photographer ethics.

To those who missed this Night Class, register for the next Night Class on Friday, 23-APR-2010, 8.00pm-12.00am. Yes, it's a Friday night, so you can catch some sleep the next day. :)

Here are some images I took during the Night Classs. For more behind the scenes images, please check out Mus'ab's facebook gallery here.

Here's our first test shot. One light, 45 degrees from camera right.

Here's our second test shot. One light, 45 degrees from camera right.

Same exposure, but we increased the light for the background to 3-stops. We got a white background, with the same camera exposure.

Another white background example.

Here's a group shot of us, round about 1am. Wrapping the up class.