My name is Azhar Ariff and I'm a Commercial and Editorial photographer.

I currently manage a small commercial photo agency called FOTOMOMO STUDIO.

Prior to becoming a photographer, I've worked as an architect's intern, graphic designer for a web developer, art director for a magazine publication and also a business development executive at a web developer's company. From these various positions that I've held, I've gained almost an overall knowledge on how the creative business works from both sides of creative and management.

Somewhere in the middle, during my graphic design days, I came across a commercial photographer during a board of directors headshot session and became interested in how photography. I love the challenge. I love the adrenaline that it gets me. I love meeting people. I love creating images that communicates. Soon enough I became an assistant to the late commercial photographer, Adam Ariel Tunguia for a year. This apprenticeship truly built my confidence in commercial photography.

Here I am now, running FOTOMOMO STUDIO and making great images.

To balance work, I enjoy the most playing basketball and golf whenever I can. At times I run the treadmill and swim to keep fit.

This blog is where I share my personal thoughts on photography and other things.