Thursday, June 9, 2011

Register Now: 3-day Adobe Lightroom Workshop. RM24 Only!

Hello Friends,

I'm letting you know of this great opportunity to learn Adobe Lightroom for cheap! It's a 3-day workshop in a computer lab, for only RM24!

Why is it cheap?
This programme is subsidised by the Malaysian Government under the 1Malaysia Funds via local community colleges. In this case, it's being organised by Kolej Komuniti Klang.

Printed notes will be given.

All you need to bring are:
1. Some pen and paper
2. Some images you'd like to process in Lightroom during the exercise, approximately up to 300 images in thumb drive or portable drive that you'll connect to the computers.

We're looking for 20 participants.

Please register via the form below. Thank You and see you there!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Published Work: Expatriate Lifestyle & Time Out KL

I've been busy on editorial assignments for Time Out KL and Expatriate Lifestyle lately. It was exciting to shoot for such titles. I love the challenge in editorial assignments due to the fact that there is a very small window to shoot and also I'll have to shoot with minimal equipment. Not to mention that I have no idea of what the location presents itself, in terms of settings, lighting and finding good angles. In such cases, I'm happy to see that common sense and making the most of the situation turns out really well for me. Check them out. :)

My shot is on the cover! Time Out KL, April 2011 Issue. 
Credits on the inlay, and I shot the chocolate cake image too.

Here are the section which most of my images are published in the April 2011 Time Out KL issue.

My photos are featured in the cover article of March 2011, Expatriate Lifestyle magazine. This beer photo is not mine, though. I'm posting this cover to illustrate which issue was my photos published.

The editors loved this photo. I strongly feel that it really projects the character of this bar owner of The Green Man, Dougie Roberts 
Here's Allison Martin, owner of Bulldog English Pub for Expatriate Lifestyle, March 2011.

Prior to the March Issue, I've shot this cover for Expatriate Lifestyle for the February 2011 issue with my partner Denis Erroyaux, from Brussels. Again, it was truly amazing.

Here's the inlay for Expatriate Lifestyle magazine February 2011 issue with our credits for the cover.

This is my favorite shot that I took. We took advantage of the natural light coming in from the windows and filled with a 580EX flash with a translucent white umbrella reflector from camera left. I loved the way Christine Sterk, Managing Director of Asia On Time sits herself in a very relaxing pose.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Behind the scenes: Muthualagan & Chitrah's outdoor wedding portraits

Here are some behind-the-scenes of Muthualagan & Chitrah's outdoor wedding portraits done at Pavillion, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Many thanks to my assistants Reza Amir, and Joe Hanip. Videographer Ainol from NX Studio and Mia. Also thanks to Che Ju for arranging transport for the couple and co-ordinating location. Finally, biggest thanks to Ms. Legah, Chitrah's sister who hired us to photograph this wonderful event. Thank you all!

Muthualagan and Chitrah. Such lovely couple. I love them!

Reza standing in for my test shot. Joe Hanip on camera left holding one light on a shoot-thru umbrella. 
Ainol from NX Studio with the video camera, while Reza checks in for light painting with Joe Hanip.

From left: Joe Hanip, Ainol NX Studio, Muthualagan, Che Ju, Chitrah, Mia, Reza Amir and yours truly, Azhar Ariff.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Published Commercial Assignment: Porsche Advertisement

Following up my previous post on the Behind-the-scenes shoot for Porsche Centre Bukit Bintang, here are the final published work on our Malaysian local newspapers. Check them out. Shown here are clips from The Star and New Straits Times, Saturday, 26-MAR-2011. Cheers!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Behind the scenes: Porsche Centre Bukit Bintang commercial shoot.

Hello Friends!

2011 is a really good year! Ever since January this year, I've been really blessed to be commissioned with such exciting and interesting assignments. I just got back from the shoot today for the new Porsche Centre Bukit Bintang architectural shoot and thought I'll post some of the images. I've been neglecting this blog for a while and I'm not surprised that some of my regular readers might've lost interest. Nevermind that.

Back to the topic, the image(s) that we shot are for newspaper advertisement and press release, so, keep your eyes out in our local newspapers soon (as soon as next week!).

For this assignment, I'd like to thank my project partner, Amru for his undivided attention, effort and extensive collaboration in making this assignment a success.

I hope this short post will inspire you all to become a better photographer, businessman(or business person), or simply just a person.

If you got a vision or dream of something big, go for it!

Amru trying to sell me this unit.

Here's us after our last shot. It's a wrap!

Amru just got his commission selling me one unit and got himself this Porsche. Ha ha!

Me giving it a go at one test shot.

My trusty WhiBal card. Standard procedure. Don't leave home without 'em.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Did you know? Album layout in Lightroom 3.

Did you know that you can design a simple album layout in Lightroom 3 with the print module? Yes, this feature is great especially for wedding photographers. You can customise your page size and layout. You can even add multi-pages into your layout. For JPEG output, you can print to PDF and export the PDF into hi-res JPEGs to be sent to your printer.

First, set your page size by going to "Page Setup..." (bottom-left corner button). Then, on the "Layout" pull-down on the right panel, select "Custom Package". Then, drag and drop your images from your set collection onto the artboard. Resize, position and off you go! Be sure to check out the extra options on the right panel as you go down the list. Go ahead try it.