Sunday, December 13, 2009

[GOYA Strobist]: Golf Magazine Shoot

What have I been doing lately?

It's been a while since I got my arse off the chair to shoot something really new. I've been planning to shoot this re-creation of advertising shots (by only using small speedlights) normally seen on magazine covers for a while. The only thing that was keeping me off from executing the shoot was sheer laziness. I think about it too much, and talk about doing it too much with my friends to a point that the next time I'm gonna talk about it , I'll end up like the boy who cried wolf. In short I can say that it is enough to kick my butt to work.

Last Friday I texted my close friends Wantai, Kyrol(TT Strobist #1) and Jidin(GOYA Skateboard outing #1) for a quick GOYA outing near where Wantai and I stay. In the end it was just Wantai, his assistant Aidil and I. It was unfortunate that Kyrol had a hospital emergency and Jidin was flat out from a wedding shoot.

We shot these photos from 10.00pm-2.00am(the packing took a while) at a nearby park. Wantai and I took turns to model as a golfer. My guess is that you can find my photos in his blog or facebook. Enough talking, here are the final shots that gets my most star rating.

I love this shot because everything is in place, in position, in context, all the lights fired. The tee flew, and the ball flew, you can see the Footjoy brand on the glove and on the cap. The only thing I didn't realise was that the Adidas band was slightly covered by Wantai's pants. But shooting with my skimpy small 2.3 inch LCD? What the heck. It's a go!

If you want to learn how to shoot like this, and take control of your flash, enroll into my Commando Lighting Workshop here.

GOYA Strobist: Golfer teeing off, front shot

This shot gets my star rating too because of the same reason as the first image. You can't see the tee in this resized image, but in the actual size, the tee is still stuck in the ground but bent a little bit. True sign of a great golf swing eh?
GOYA Strobist: Golfer teeing off, side view

How did I get the idea? From Nike's Tiger Woods slow-mo golf ad on YouTube:
Tiger Woods Nike ad

Here's how we did it. Hopefully this information helps anyone who'd wanna give this a go. Let me know how your photos turn out ya? Cheers!
lighting diagram

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Commando Lighting Workshop: Now Open

Hi All,

Save up your money for the most value-for-money (compared to other lighting workshops in Malaysia) lighting workshop you've been waiting for in 2010. Further details after the poster.

I've whipped up a whimsical poster for this exciting workshop too. Here it is:

Poster: Commando Lighting Workshop

Payment Details:
Workshop fee is RM380 only.
Maximum participants is 10 people.

1. RM180 to confirm seat.
2. RM200 due during workshop date.

Please make payments to this account:
Maybank account: 562366109121

The step. Important:
  1. Once you've made the RM180 initial payment, please email to with either these topics/email title:

    "Commando Lighting Workshop"

    I will be able to filter your messages and sort them accordingly. This way, your email will be safe from getting mixed up with other incoming mails.
  2. In your email, please write your:
    a. Full name (so that I can verify this against the bank transfer receipt/notification)
    b. Your phone number (so that I can contact you for urgent updates)
    c. The transaction time stamp and reference number of your payment transfer. The transaction time stamp will differentiate your payment and the other participant's payment.

Workshop Details/FAQs

Is this an outdoor or indoor workshop?
The workshop starts with an introductory and theory session in the studio, and some indoor shooting. After lunch we'll move out to location shooting that will be determined prior to the workshop. At this moment, I'm still scouting for a nice location to shooot, that is convenient for us to move about.

I don't have a camera. Can I join?
This is a hands-on full manual lighting workshop. You can have the cheapest China Made flash, but you would at least need a DSLR with a kit lens to enjoy the benefits of this workshop. Therefore, the answer is sorry, if you don't have a camera, it would be unfair for me to let you join. I suggest you get to know your camera first and enrolling in several basic photography workshops out there. The Commando Lighting Workshop aint goin' nowhere. We're still here and you're welcome to join the next workshops in the future.

I have a camera, but I don't have a flash gun(speedlight). Can I join?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

12th Simple Food Photography Workshop: Quick Register


Hi all,

Thanks for your support! I've received inquiries regarding December workshop even before the 11th Workshop has even begun. Thank you! Thank you! :)

Here's a quick registration update for the 12th Simple Food Photography Workshop, on 12-DEC-09. Other participants are communicating with me via email and pending confirmation.
1. Sitizya (RM 100 received. Thank you!)
2. Halim Jasmi (RM 100 received. Thank you!)
3. Aiman Ridhwan Anuar (seat #1 confirmed)
4. Aiman Ridhwan Anuar (seat #2 confirmed)
5. Seat still OPEN.

For payment details and registration instructions pls follow previous workshop details here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Freakin' Hell! Joe McNally's coming to KL!Let's go!

Stop Press!
Joe McNally's coming to KL!
Hot Dang!

Achtung All Malaysian Photographers & my fans!javascript:void(0)

The almighty Joe McNally and his assistant Drew Gurian will be coming to KL for two workshops, in collaboration with Louis Pang.

Here's the ad, courtesy of

Let There Be Light
one-day seminar by Joe McNally featuring Louis Pang

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
6-FEB-2010, 09.00AM-05.30PM
MYR 380.00 (approx. USD109.00)

Hot Shoe Diaries
one-day intensive lighting workshops by Joe McNally

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1-FEB till 4-FEB-2010 (5-FEB-2010 full!), 09.30AM-05.30PM
MYR 1400.00 (approx. USD400.00)
max 15 persons

Complete article here:
From Joe's Blog (what a shocker to find this out from my RSS feed!)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

10th Food Workshop Report

Hi All,

The 10th Simple Food Photography was a success! It was just two participants, Kelvin and Mohd, and we had a great time messing around with the food to get our shots. I'm also excited to look forward to share with the 11th Simple Food Photography Workshop participants in this coming 21-NOV-09.

For those who missed these fabulous workshops, I'm holding another Simple Food Photography Workshop on 12-DEC-09. You can email me at to reserve your seats. I'll post an official post regarding this December workshop in a bit.

Till then, here are the pics. Enjoy!

Here's my favorite

This shot demonstrates one of the ways of how to arrange three dishes in one frame

Mohd reviewing his shots

Kelvin going in for the high-key shot.

Spagetthi Beef Bolognaise with Meatballs. Shoot in the DIY light tent.

Here's a test shot with the Whibal.

Another test shot with the QP color chart.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

10th and 11th Simple Food Photography Workshop now open for registration

10th and 11th Simple Food Photography Workshop

Hello All,

I'd like to announce that I'll be hosting another Simple Food Photography Workshop in November. There are two(2) workshop dates for you to choose from, which is on the 7th or 21st November 2009. Please email me at my FOTOMOMO email at: to register or for any inquiries.

This workshop is open to all photographers from all levels. I'll introduce you to the simplest form of food photography, which something attainable for everyone. You'll learn how to light your food, compose, crop, edit, prepare a portfolio and market your services.

I only take five(5) persons max. per session to give each participant ample time to shoot their food. I've been asked several times from the past nine workshops whether I can slip in another one or two participants on top of the five persons. The answer is no, I'm sorry I can't, because that will be unfair to the other five participants. The duration of the workshop is just nice for five people to take turns to shoot and ask questions regarding food photography.

If you can't make it for November, watch out for December's workshop soon.

What to bring?
2. 50mm f1.8 (if possible, otherwise, a kit lens will do)
3. Plenty of CF/SD cards because we'll be shooting RAW
4. Thumbdrive. Just in case you'll like to transfer/copy some files.

Payment Details:
Workshop fee is RM200 only
1. RM100 to confirm seat.
2. RM100 due during workshop date.

Please make payments to this account:
Maybank account: 562366109121

The step. Important:
  1. Once you've made the RM100 initial payment, please email to with either these topics/email title:

    "10th Food Workshop"
    or "11th Food Workshop"

    I will be able to filter your messages and sort them accordingly. This way, your email will be safe from getting mixed up with other incoming mails.
  2. In your email, please write your:
    a. Full name (so that I can verify this against the bank transfer receipt/notification)
    b. Your phone number (so that I can contact you for urgent updates)
    c. The transaction time stamp and reference number of your payment transfer. The transaction time stamp will differentiate your payment and the other participant's payment.


Here are the updates on the participants list.
Update Daily

10th Food Workshop (7-NOV-09)
Workshop successful. Thank you!
1. Kelvin Yong (RM100 received. Thank you!) ref:PK
2. Mohd Zainal (seat confirmed)

11th Food Workshop (21-NOV-09)
Full House. Thank You!
1. Fariz (RM100 received. Thank you!) ref:PS
2. Muhammad Zainur Bin Alias (gizmo) (RM100 received. Thank you!) ref:PS
3. Adi360 (RM100 received. Thank you!) ref:PS
4. Farhan (RM100 received. Thank you!) ref: KRMT
5. Azizan (seat confirmed) updated!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

STOP PRESS! Stunning Wedding Video

I've been following Matt's (a fantastic wedding videographer from Shadowplay, Australia) blog for a while. I got to know about Matt from Kate, his wife who's a brilliant wedding photographer, who's a shootsac (I want!) owner. They both run the photo-video team Shadowplay.

Recently Matt posted an excellent article/video on their blog regarding StillMotion, who are the ultimate wedding film-making dream-team. StillMotion's studio is just outside of Toronto, Canada.

Anyway, it really blows my mind away to know that such cinematic wedding video is really attainable.

Attention Malaysian wedding videographers and photographers!
This is the kind of quality work we want to achieve for our country's industry. Benchmark this! Hot dang this is hot stuff! Enough talking, check out this video.

p/s: StillMotion will be coming to Australia to host three workshops in early 2010. Let's go!

Original article here.

the evolution experience from stillmotion on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

G.O.Y.A. Strobist at the Shah Alam Skate Park

G.O.Y.A photography Stands for (Get Off Your Arse or Get Off Your Ass-in American English) Photography. The acronym coined by the amazing music, editorial, Atlanta based photographer, Zack Arias, So I went out and went off my ass and shoot! These images should be images that are different, creative, fun and artistic, according to Zack.

Jidin, Akmal Adanan and I headed out to Shah Alam Extreme Park last Saturday. We wanted to catch the golden hour before sundown to get some blue sky. But when we got there, It was already 7.00pm and going dark. Took me a while to set up the lights after a "while" of not shooting at all.

The darnest thing happend, which is I brought everything else except the radio transmitter/receivers for the lights! What the..? Nevertheless, I really thank Jidin for lending us his radio triggers. Hence the two-light settings (because there's only two receivers, duh...)

Note to self: Never pack in separate bags. Lugging my camera backpack which has everything is better than trying to travel light. Otherwise, pack the night before with a checklist.

What I found out from this GOYA outing is that skateboarders are cool friendly dudes who just wanna have fun. Most important thing is not the lighting, but the composition and waiting for the perfect moment when the skateboarders are up in the air doin' their tricks.

Jidin has an undeniable killer shot, fit for editorial use. Me, felt rusty, but here are my "best" shots in 2-hours session 7.00pm-9.00pm, 10-OCT-09. Today wasn't my day, but definitely, I'm going back there to get my killer shot. Till then, I hope this will inspire all of us.


My best shot (Still unsatisfactory to me. Oh well...I got worse sets). Considering the dark sky/background, and I managed to create a separation light, I think it's OK. It's better without the arm's shadow casting on the face though.
skateboarder, shah alam

My second best shot. The one and only our in-house talent, Jidin, about to grind on the concrete.
Jidin, about to grind

Not exactly the best photo, but I just like the lighting. Perhaps a fish-eye lens would be great to capture the shop lights in the background.
skateboarder, shah alam

Another grind shot, last call before heading home.
Last shot before heading home. Skateboarder, shah alam

Yes I know you're wondering how we did it. So here it is, as simple as I can explain. Shots taken at exposure of 1/40s f4, ISO 400. Camera, lens? Doesn't matter.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Nadzuan and Maria. Sometime before Ramadhan

Hello all,

Thanks for waiting for my updates. For those who are my regular followers, here are some new outdoor shots I've taken of Nadzuan and Maria for their outdoor wedding photo session at Muar, Johor sometime before Ramadhan. I must say that there's not much location to shoot or scout in a short period of stay, but somehow, The Blue Mosque of Muar has it's own magic. There's plenty of space for different scenes. The environment is so beautiful and the architecture is so nostalgic. For photographers, a little creativity can land you some awesome photos to bring back home. Not to mention a happy client :)

This assignment was really exciting for me because the weather was not so good.

Why is bad weather a good thing?
In the afternoon it rained. Therefore throughout the evening the rain created an overcast sky. Only towards later in the evening we managed to get some sun, but only for about half-an hour of pure sunlight intensity around 5.00pm-6.00pm. From 6.00pm till 6.30pm, the sun was setting so fast and there wasn't enough contrast from the ambient light. Therefore, it forces me to get creative with my speedlights.

Bad weather gives me great challenge to create stunning shots. When I come out with the money shots out of bad weather, it really gives me great satisfaction that "Hey, I still got the skills to pull through this bad weather". During bad weather, even your clients doesn't expect much. Their morale went low in the beginning. However, the minute you pull out your bag of tricks and showed them how beautiful they are in the shots you created, things started to "light up", so to speak.

I love bad weather in it's own way because it forces me to be creative and get out of my comfort zone. When that happens, usually stunning shots will come out of the gloom.

During this assignment, I was privileged to be assisted with my close friend Chan Leong Hin. I thank him for holding on to my lightstand with the shoot-thru umbrella open and not letting the wind blowing it away into the river.

To Nadzuan and Maria. Congratulations on your wedding, and most of all, thank you for trusting me to photograph your wedding event.

Best wishes from me,

Azhar Ariff

Here's Nadzuan and Maria. Just before heading out to Muar town for their outdoor wedding shoot. I took this shot with Maria's house because it is a classic government quarters, smack in the middle of town. But the thing is, it's so quiet.
Just before heading out for outdoor photoshoot

The sun was setting fast and I was lucky that the sun was low and bright enough to give a nice backlight. With an "invisible" fill-light. Voila! I love to use off-camera lighting and make the scene look as if there was no artificial lighting involved. Gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to see the outcome of these sets. I was thrilled.
Garden area at The Blue Mosque of Muar

I must say that when I saw the setting sun, I knew I wanted the sun right on top of Maria's head. I wanted and "Angel"-look to it. It helps when she's wearing her tiara. All of us were really pleased with this shot. I love this shot. Dang it's good.
Angelic Maria

More backlight shots. I really made use of the setting sun. The sunlight that passed through the folliages really helps create a nice looking environment. All shot wide-open at f1.8.
More backlight shots at the garden

Nadzuan's turn to get a profile shot. The sun was really weak at this moment. I just grabbed whatever I could from the light.
Nadzuan's profile shot

Last few shots before the sun goes down.
Last ones before the sun goes out

We started out photographing at this location, which is by the riverside. I wanted to include the new Muar mosque across the river, which is the exact replica of The Blue Mosque where we are shooting at the moment. I thought that including the architecture of the Mosque would at least signify that "Hey! This is in Muar". It's not easy to tell viewers the context of where these photos were taken without including some architectural landmarks.
By the riverside, overlooking the replica Muar Mosque

More shots by the riverside.

I thought I'd focus on Maria for this shot. I like the light from the setting sun coming from the left. To balance out the shadows, I added a fill light with a shoot-thru umbrella from the right. Doesn't seem like there's any artificial lighting involved isn't it? Love this.
Maria with Nadzuan in the background

Now here's a more dramatic shot, which includes the existing Blue Mosque of Muar. The mosque is a significant piece of architecture, therefore I'd really like to get it in the frame. This scene was lit with a bare speedlight with CTO gel to get the extra blue intensity of the environment. Works like a charm.
The Blue Mosque of Muar

More sets of The Blue Mosque
More images

Finally, when the sun was almost out, I had to dial up the flash to full power to light up this couple. For this shot, I wanted to create a nostalgic feel, in line with the history of The Blue Mosque of Muar. At the same time, the architecture which looks very English made me want to make this shot looked like it was in England, sort of...Nevertheless, I love this shot because it concludes the session in somewhat "nostalgic" way, per se.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Azreen and Riccardo's outdoor shoot

Hi All!

Thanks for keep coming to visit my blog. It's been pretty hectic for the past month up until now. Just want to update you guys and gals on Azreen and Riccardo's outdoor wedding shoot which we did right after their Majlis Akad Nikah (Solemnization Ceremony) last month. The location is at Pekeliling Flats. Azreen decided to shoot there for a few reasons:

1. She grew up in Bandar Baru Sentul and passes the flats during her commute to work. Let's just say that there's a certain amount of sentimental value to Azreen.

2. The Pekeliling Flats are now being prepared to be demolished. Soon, the existence of this landmark will be non-existent. Therefore, this is part of documenting history on a "historical moment".

It was enjoyable for all of us to be on location, shooting this exciting wedding outdoor session. Both Azreen and Riccardo were really excited with the outcome when the prints came out. I just can't help but to share with you all some of these images. They're both a truly amazing couple. I love photographing them!

Last but not least, and most of all, I have to thank Zuri, Azreen's bridesmaid, who is also her best friend, for referring this lovely couple to hiring me, and trusting me, as their wedding photographer.

Thank you Zuri, Azreen and Riccardo, and to both your family members and friends who were warm to accomodate my presence during your wedding.

All the best, and enjoy!

Azreen and Riccardo. I wanted to have a retro-feel to the images, in-line with the "historical" theme for the Pekeliling Flats shoot. I love this moment. Got it while they were waiting for the train.
IMG:Azreen and Riccardo

LRT Montage. So much to show, so I thought a small montage would give an idea of how much fun we had. :)
IMG:LRT Montage

A classic moment.
IMG:Black-and-White moment

Another Black-and-White montage. Notice the words used? Pun intended. "Persatuan" means Unity, and "Satu" means "One". Kinda cool IMHO.
IMG:Black-and-White montage

On the way back, with lots of fun.
IMG:Black-and-White escalator portrait

Last shot.
IMG:Black-and-White escalator

Friday, June 12, 2009

Emotions of a wedding ceremony. Azreen & Riccardo

I was processing Azreen & Riccardo's images and I had to stop at these images and just have them published for a preview. I just couldn't handle keeping them to myself. They're just so emotional, especially this picture below, where Riccardo's father, Mr. Perlo, hugs tight his only son, Riccardo, to congratulate him into entering the married world. I can see it was a mix of joy and sadness all at the same time. Joy of the newly weds. Sad probably because from now, they part and Riccardo lives as a husband. Also, even more sad, because Riccardo's mother, Mrs Perlo, is in Italy. She couldn't fly to KL due to her medical condition. It was truly an emotional moment for both of them, father and son. Therefore, I had to post this photo, which followed with a few other photos that I quickly processed to share with you all, especially Azreen & Riccardo, and also Zuri, her maid of honor, who introduced me to the couple. Here they are, enjoy!

IMG: the hug

Riccardo's father, Mr. Perlo watches his only son fixes his sampin, just a few minutes before entering the Solemnization Hall, at Bandar Baru Sentul Mosque. Mr.Perlo flew all the way from Italy to attend his son's wedding with Azreen in Kuala Lumpur.

Note: This tilt-shift effect on this images is really cool. Inspired from Zack Arias tilt-shift images which can be found here. Check 'em out.

IMG: sampin

Riccardo kisses Azreen's forehead as a blessing, after just being declared as husband and wife in the solemnization ceremony.
IMG: kiss the forehead

IMG: waiting for the train

Outdoor portraiture, taken at the abandoned flats of Pekeliling, Kuala Lumpur. The Pekeliling flats will be demolished and this will be the last record of it's establishment.
IMG: the last of the Pekeliling Flats ruins

Here they are, the lovely couple Azreen & Riccardo.
IMG: Azreen & Riccardo

Friday, May 22, 2009

FAQ for Simple Lightroom Seminar

Here are some FAQs for my upcoming Simple Lightroom Seminar

1. Q: Is a computer/laptop provided for participants in this seminar?
A: This is a seminar, not a workshop. Therefore, no computer/laptop is provided in this seminar. However, you're free to bring your own laptop if you wish. If you wish to bring a laptop, please install a trial version of Adobe Lightroom 2 available here.

Note: Although this is a seminar, I've designed a simple Lightroom Workflow System for wedding photographers that works. I should be simple enough to understand that you can try it at home. To those who wants to polish their Lightroom skills after this seminar, they can attend my Lightroom workshop in the future.

2. Q: Isn't 40 people too big for a seminar? Can I concentrate?
A: 40 people is small considering that this is a seminar. If you compare this to one of Malaysia's famous wedding photographer who held a few seminars at KLiUC with a capacity of 100 people plus, you'll notice how small this seminar is.

Regarding concentration, this workflow system is designed with simplicity in mind. A lot of people worry about the complexity of editing tools. Tools are simple, as long as you understand the concept and principal of any design tools/software. They're all almost the same. You're here to learn how to harness the tool in a systematic way to your advantage.

3. Q: Where is CADC Kompleks 3C Subang Jaya?
A: Map to the venue is here.

4. Q: How to register?
A: After making payment for the retainer, kindly email me your full name, telephone number and bank payment transaction reference with the subject "Simple Lightroom Seminar". It's easier for me to filter your emails with this subject.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Word up Zack Arias!

Zack Arias has been one of my major lighting guru and reference for photography all this while. I admire his spirit and outlook on photography as art, business and passion. His passion for photography definitely rubs on to others including me. It's been a while since Zack was featured as a guest blogger on Scott Kelby's website. It has only been last night, during my quiet time before going to bed I watched this inspiring video, and I wish to share with all of you. Original post at Scott Kelby's website here.

This video illustrates that as a photographer, we have our emotional cycle just like any human being, our ups and downs. What's important is to keep remembering that every photographer goes through the same cycle. With a bit of perseverance and focus, we can all rise to the occasion and become a better photographer and a better person. Cheers to Zack Arias. Check out Zack Arias's website here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Simple Lightroom Workflow Seminar now open for registration

Hello all,

I'm glad to announce a brand new "simple" seminar tailor-made to wedding photographers who have a day-job. Most of the part-time wedding photographers in Malaysia that I meet has this common problem, which is: "It takes too long to process the images".

This seminar will show you the "light" out of your current "darkness". You will soon know how to be able to free yourself from long nights of post-production and editing, and actually enjoy shooting more photographs without worrying about the editing process. More after this seminar ad below:

IMG:Simple Lightroom Workflow for Wedding Photographers

Typical situation of a part-time wedding photographer:


9.00 am-12.00 pm: Shoot wedding event 1
5.00 pm-6.30 pm: Outdoor shoot
7.00 pm: Head home, transfer CF cards and sleep

11.00 am-5.00 pm: Shoot wedding event 2 + Short Outdoor session
6.00 pm: Head home, transfer CF cards and catch-up on rest. Sleep.

9.00 am-6.00 pm: Work
6.00 pm-8.00 pm: Stuck in jam heading home.
8.00 pm-11.00 pm: Dinner, TV, family time with family
11.00 pm-12.00 am: Sit in front of the computer, surfing, checking mail, chat while photoshop is opened at the background.
12.00 am-2.00 am: Attempt to select and group some photos, edit a couple of photos and too tired and sleepy.
2.30 am: Sleep
6.00 am: Wake up and routine loops.

Now tell me, if this is your typical routine, when can you get your photos done? It's like burying yourself deeper into delaying your work. It gets frustrating over time and you've become de-motivated to even look at the photos you passionately shot over the weekend.

What this seminar is going to show you is how to have a typical routine like this:

9.00 am-12.00 pm: Shoot wedding event 1
5.00 pm-6.30 pm: Outdoor shoot
7.00 pm: Head home, transfer CF cards, have dinner, watch TV and spend some family time
10.00 pm-12.00 am: Select, sort and group images, process and apply editing effects, export to final edited files
12.01 am: reward yourself by surfing internet, reading, YM chat or sleep early.

11.00 am-5.00 pm: Shoot wedding event 2 + Short Outdoor session
6.00 pm: Head home, transfer CF cards, have dinner, watch TV and spend some family time
10.00 pm-1.00 am: Select, sort and group images, process and apply editing effects, export to final edited files
1.01 am: reward yourself by surfing internet, reading, YM chat or sleep early.

All images processed!
Now you can choose how you want to spend your week.

If you'd like to know how to get back your life and escape the horror of editing wedding images during the weekdays, you will attend this seminar. You will see how easy it is to process 4-8 gigs of CF cards within the same night.

I will share with you a system that works for me, and insya'allah will work for you too.

To sign-up, please email me with the subject "Simple Lightroom Seminar" so that I can filter the emails easily. There are 40 seats available for each date of this seminar. The introductory price is RM150 only for these two dates. Next seminars will have the normal rate.

Payment terms
- RM50 retainer due before seminar date
- RM100 due on the seminar date

Maybank Account Details
Account name: AZHAR ARIFF
Account no.: 514365104584

I will update your registration status on this post. Keep yourself updated.

Thanks for your support!

Registration List (Updated daily)
31-MAY-09 (Done succesfully! Thank you)
1. Nazri
2. Kyrol
3. Chita

1. Zaza/Haslizan Long
2. Kevin Rakesh
3. Vickneswaran
4. Khairi Jalil
4. Azri bin Nasruddin
6. Amru
7. Amru's friend
8. Mohd Salme Mohd Ali
9. Zubir
10. salina ismail
11. Noranizah Md .Isa
12. Bob
13. Zainuddin

Monday, April 27, 2009

Report: 9th Simple Food Photography Workshop

After 3-weeks of delay, due to my chicken pox, our 9th Simple Food Photography Workshop was a success, last Saturday.

We were packed till the last hour that we didn't have time for a group shot. So, here are some of the photos I shot earlier during the workshop.

To my previous food photography students, I'm compiling the cropping guideline and will inform you a download link. I think it's time for me to put it in the notes.

Thanks all & best wishes!





Aziz, all the way from Kelantan. Referred to by my previous workshop atendee, Sham Abdul. Thanks Sham!