Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Commando Lighting Workshop: Now Open

Hi All,

Save up your money for the most value-for-money (compared to other lighting workshops in Malaysia) lighting workshop you've been waiting for in 2010. Further details after the poster.

I've whipped up a whimsical poster for this exciting workshop too. Here it is:

Poster: Commando Lighting Workshop

Payment Details:
Workshop fee is RM380 only.
Maximum participants is 10 people.

1. RM180 to confirm seat.
2. RM200 due during workshop date.

Please make payments to this account:
Maybank account: 562366109121

The step. Important:
  1. Once you've made the RM180 initial payment, please email to azhar@fotomomo.com with either these topics/email title:

    "Commando Lighting Workshop"

    I will be able to filter your messages and sort them accordingly. This way, your email will be safe from getting mixed up with other incoming mails.
  2. In your email, please write your:
    a. Full name (so that I can verify this against the bank transfer receipt/notification)
    b. Your phone number (so that I can contact you for urgent updates)
    c. The transaction time stamp and reference number of your payment transfer. The transaction time stamp will differentiate your payment and the other participant's payment.

Workshop Details/FAQs

Is this an outdoor or indoor workshop?
The workshop starts with an introductory and theory session in the studio, and some indoor shooting. After lunch we'll move out to location shooting that will be determined prior to the workshop. At this moment, I'm still scouting for a nice location to shooot, that is convenient for us to move about.

I don't have a camera. Can I join?
This is a hands-on full manual lighting workshop. You can have the cheapest China Made flash, but you would at least need a DSLR with a kit lens to enjoy the benefits of this workshop. Therefore, the answer is sorry, if you don't have a camera, it would be unfair for me to let you join. I suggest you get to know your camera first and enrolling in several basic photography workshops out there. The Commando Lighting Workshop aint goin' nowhere. We're still here and you're welcome to join the next workshops in the future.

I have a camera, but I don't have a flash gun(speedlight). Can I join?


  1. Hi, ada kekosongan lagi tak? I have a dslr but dont have a speedlight yet

  2. Hello Rosimah.

    Still ada kosong. Takde speedlight takpe. Awak akan belajar pakai speedlight masa workshop dengan demo speedlight. Lepas workshop nanti, awak akan boleh guna apa2 speedlight walaupun tiada brand untuk dapatkan gambar lighting yang cantik, insya'allah.

  3. masih ada lagi kekosongan? ada 2 org :)

  4. syusyusyoya,

    Ya, masih ada kekosongan. Thanks!

  5. bengkel ini disediakan sijilkan?