Sunday, December 13, 2009

[GOYA Strobist]: Golf Magazine Shoot

What have I been doing lately?

It's been a while since I got my arse off the chair to shoot something really new. I've been planning to shoot this re-creation of advertising shots (by only using small speedlights) normally seen on magazine covers for a while. The only thing that was keeping me off from executing the shoot was sheer laziness. I think about it too much, and talk about doing it too much with my friends to a point that the next time I'm gonna talk about it , I'll end up like the boy who cried wolf. In short I can say that it is enough to kick my butt to work.

Last Friday I texted my close friends Wantai, Kyrol(TT Strobist #1) and Jidin(GOYA Skateboard outing #1) for a quick GOYA outing near where Wantai and I stay. In the end it was just Wantai, his assistant Aidil and I. It was unfortunate that Kyrol had a hospital emergency and Jidin was flat out from a wedding shoot.

We shot these photos from 10.00pm-2.00am(the packing took a while) at a nearby park. Wantai and I took turns to model as a golfer. My guess is that you can find my photos in his blog or facebook. Enough talking, here are the final shots that gets my most star rating.

I love this shot because everything is in place, in position, in context, all the lights fired. The tee flew, and the ball flew, you can see the Footjoy brand on the glove and on the cap. The only thing I didn't realise was that the Adidas band was slightly covered by Wantai's pants. But shooting with my skimpy small 2.3 inch LCD? What the heck. It's a go!

If you want to learn how to shoot like this, and take control of your flash, enroll into my Commando Lighting Workshop here.

GOYA Strobist: Golfer teeing off, front shot

This shot gets my star rating too because of the same reason as the first image. You can't see the tee in this resized image, but in the actual size, the tee is still stuck in the ground but bent a little bit. True sign of a great golf swing eh?
GOYA Strobist: Golfer teeing off, side view

How did I get the idea? From Nike's Tiger Woods slow-mo golf ad on YouTube:
Tiger Woods Nike ad

Here's how we did it. Hopefully this information helps anyone who'd wanna give this a go. Let me know how your photos turn out ya? Cheers!
lighting diagram


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