Thursday, March 8, 2012

Attend a Wedding Album Workflow Seminar just for a White Folding Chair.

Hi All,

Welcome to 2012!

To inaugurate the 2012 workshops, registration for a Wedding Album Workflow Seminar is now open.
This round is a unique round of seminar in terms of the fees.

We're currently expanding and upgrading our studio to serve as a multipurpose venue for future workshops and seminar. It will be a place where knowledge sharing is more accessible for all. To start-off this goal, we need lots of chairs to seat the future attendees to workshops and seminars, which could be you!

Therefore, instead of charging a normal seminar fee, we're almost giving away this seminar for free, in exchange for an IKEA JEFF (white) folding chair. All you have to do is bring this chair along as your fee for this seminar. If you don't have the time or means to buy this chair, we'll help you get it, for RM29.

Learn how to quickly sort and select your wedding images and layout your album more efficiently. Details and registration below.

Location of the seminar is at FOTOMOMO STUDIO. Map below:

Thank You!


Please Register via the form below:

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Been Super Busy

Hi All,

I've been super busy that I haven't been updating my blog for ages! I'm sorry for that. Lately my weekends have been filled by watching the CreativeLIVE workshop all the way from Seattle. I'm not done watching them because there's still a lot more workshops to come.

Recently the workshops that touched my soul were Sue Bryce's Glamour Photography Workshop, Sandy Puc's Baby Photography Workshop and Zach & Jody Wedding Photography Workshop. What touched me the most is how they shared their worst experiences in the business of photography and how they recovered. 8-hours each day for 3-days workshop really put me into an overdrive mode. There's a lot of things to be done, and I feel like 24-hrs in a day is just not enough.

Generally, on Sunday, I plan out my schedule for the rest of the week, and since the new year, I've not come across a day in a week that is not filled up with things to do! What frustrates me is that there were fantastic work that I've done during the past year and I haven't even shared them with my readers.

Amongst things that are due are:

  1. Hosting a food photography workshop for 2012
  2. Re-painting the studio
  3. Pitch for new clients in the industrial sector
  4. Upgrade my website
  5. Update my portfolio
Anyhow, the image above is a screen capture of the environment in the CreativeLIVE venue, which most likely is in Chase Jarvis' studio in Seattle, Washington. I love the space, and the reason I put this image up is that I would like to have a space like this some day. Currently our studio ceiling space is not as high as in the photo. Even more, we do not have natural light coming in the studio. However, I do intend to make our studio at FOTOMOMO as multipurpose as possible.

With that note, Thank You!