Thursday, March 8, 2012

Attend a Wedding Album Workflow Seminar just for a White Folding Chair.

Hi All,

Welcome to 2012!

To inaugurate the 2012 workshops, registration for a Wedding Album Workflow Seminar is now open.
This round is a unique round of seminar in terms of the fees.

We're currently expanding and upgrading our studio to serve as a multipurpose venue for future workshops and seminar. It will be a place where knowledge sharing is more accessible for all. To start-off this goal, we need lots of chairs to seat the future attendees to workshops and seminars, which could be you!

Therefore, instead of charging a normal seminar fee, we're almost giving away this seminar for free, in exchange for an IKEA JEFF (white) folding chair. All you have to do is bring this chair along as your fee for this seminar. If you don't have the time or means to buy this chair, we'll help you get it, for RM29.

Learn how to quickly sort and select your wedding images and layout your album more efficiently. Details and registration below.

Location of the seminar is at FOTOMOMO STUDIO. Map below:

Thank You!


Please Register via the form below:


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