Thursday, June 9, 2011

Register Now: 3-day Adobe Lightroom Workshop. RM24 Only!

Hello Friends,

I'm letting you know of this great opportunity to learn Adobe Lightroom for cheap! It's a 3-day workshop in a computer lab, for only RM24!

Why is it cheap?
This programme is subsidised by the Malaysian Government under the 1Malaysia Funds via local community colleges. In this case, it's being organised by Kolej Komuniti Klang.

Printed notes will be given.

All you need to bring are:
1. Some pen and paper
2. Some images you'd like to process in Lightroom during the exercise, approximately up to 300 images in thumb drive or portable drive that you'll connect to the computers.

We're looking for 20 participants.

Please register via the form below. Thank You and see you there!


  1. salam

    bile lg ade wat kelas camni lg....
    tarikh tu saya tak dpt nak attend...huhu

  2. blh tak nak attend klas pd 26hb sahaja
    sebab ,masa tu je free....


  3. form tak nampak pong :-)


  4. Zurina, ya, boleh attend kelas 26-JUN, tapi kelas 26-JUN kita belajar web module shj. Dtg je, insya'allah boleh revise module lain.

    Shana, form tak nampak ye. Takpe, pls email full name, IC & phone to, saya registerkan.