Thursday, October 15, 2009

10th and 11th Simple Food Photography Workshop now open for registration

10th and 11th Simple Food Photography Workshop

Hello All,

I'd like to announce that I'll be hosting another Simple Food Photography Workshop in November. There are two(2) workshop dates for you to choose from, which is on the 7th or 21st November 2009. Please email me at my FOTOMOMO email at: to register or for any inquiries.

This workshop is open to all photographers from all levels. I'll introduce you to the simplest form of food photography, which something attainable for everyone. You'll learn how to light your food, compose, crop, edit, prepare a portfolio and market your services.

I only take five(5) persons max. per session to give each participant ample time to shoot their food. I've been asked several times from the past nine workshops whether I can slip in another one or two participants on top of the five persons. The answer is no, I'm sorry I can't, because that will be unfair to the other five participants. The duration of the workshop is just nice for five people to take turns to shoot and ask questions regarding food photography.

If you can't make it for November, watch out for December's workshop soon.

What to bring?
2. 50mm f1.8 (if possible, otherwise, a kit lens will do)
3. Plenty of CF/SD cards because we'll be shooting RAW
4. Thumbdrive. Just in case you'll like to transfer/copy some files.

Payment Details:
Workshop fee is RM200 only
1. RM100 to confirm seat.
2. RM100 due during workshop date.

Please make payments to this account:
Maybank account: 562366109121

The step. Important:
  1. Once you've made the RM100 initial payment, please email to with either these topics/email title:

    "10th Food Workshop"
    or "11th Food Workshop"

    I will be able to filter your messages and sort them accordingly. This way, your email will be safe from getting mixed up with other incoming mails.
  2. In your email, please write your:
    a. Full name (so that I can verify this against the bank transfer receipt/notification)
    b. Your phone number (so that I can contact you for urgent updates)
    c. The transaction time stamp and reference number of your payment transfer. The transaction time stamp will differentiate your payment and the other participant's payment.


Here are the updates on the participants list.
Update Daily

10th Food Workshop (7-NOV-09)
Workshop successful. Thank you!
1. Kelvin Yong (RM100 received. Thank you!) ref:PK
2. Mohd Zainal (seat confirmed)

11th Food Workshop (21-NOV-09)
Full House. Thank You!
1. Fariz (RM100 received. Thank you!) ref:PS
2. Muhammad Zainur Bin Alias (gizmo) (RM100 received. Thank you!) ref:PS
3. Adi360 (RM100 received. Thank you!) ref:PS
4. Farhan (RM100 received. Thank you!) ref: KRMT
5. Azizan (seat confirmed) updated!


  1. Hi,

    Photography workshops teach how to use different cameras. You would learn the differences between a regular point-and-click camera from an SLR and the different lenses you can use to capture different images.

  2. still available? hope i can join the from kuching..

  3. iSe,

    Yes, there's still available seats for the workshop. Two more for 10th workshop and three more seats for 11th workshop.

    I update the above list daily. Hope to see you in our workshop! Cheers!

  4. Hello all! Thank you for your continuous support! 10th workshop is a success! Thank you Kelvin and Mohd for a fabulous workshop. Both your eyes and mind are really sharp. Got really nice photos this time. Congratulations!

    And my many thanks also goes to the participants fillin' up da house on the 11th workshop. We've got a full house peeps! Cheers to all!