Thursday, May 21, 2009

Word up Zack Arias!

Zack Arias has been one of my major lighting guru and reference for photography all this while. I admire his spirit and outlook on photography as art, business and passion. His passion for photography definitely rubs on to others including me. It's been a while since Zack was featured as a guest blogger on Scott Kelby's website. It has only been last night, during my quiet time before going to bed I watched this inspiring video, and I wish to share with all of you. Original post at Scott Kelby's website here.

This video illustrates that as a photographer, we have our emotional cycle just like any human being, our ups and downs. What's important is to keep remembering that every photographer goes through the same cycle. With a bit of perseverance and focus, we can all rise to the occasion and become a better photographer and a better person. Cheers to Zack Arias. Check out Zack Arias's website here.


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