Wednesday, February 4, 2009

8th & 9th Simple Food Photography Workshop Now Open for Registration

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Those who missed my workshops, I'm holding another two workshops on February and March each. The 8th & 9th Simple Food Photography Workshop is now open for registration. Each workshop caters for 5 participants max.

Email me at: to register & secure a seat.

I'll update the list of the participants here on this post, so please check which slot would you like to enroll.

Updated Daily!:
28-FEB-2009 (8th Workshop)
1. Mohd Faiz Hashim (paid RM80. Thank you!)
2. Apan Rashid (paid RM80. Thank you!)
3. Zaza/Haslizan (paid RM80. Thank you!)
4. Wantai (paid in full, RM180. Thank you!)
5. Sari Maya (paid RM80. Thank you!)

28-MAR-2009 (9th Workshop)
1. Kak Dilla
2. Shila (paid RM80. Thank you!)
3. Izzat Ismail
4. Aziz Mohd Nor
5. Sitizya

Kindly email me your TRANSACTION NUMBER and TRANSACTION TIME after you've made the RM80.00 retainer fee, for me to track which payment refers to yours.

By all means, if you can't make it to the workshop after paying the retainer fee, please inform me as soon as possible. I will only refund 50% of your retainer for any cancellations. This is because of the slot has been allocated for you and finding are replacement for your slot is uncertain.

Alternatively, you can get your RM80 retainer back if you find a replacement for your seat in the workshop.

What to bring?
2. 50mm lens (f1.8 or better) if possible. Otherwise, kit lens or any lens will do.
3. Memory card for your DSLR (CF, SD or xD) as many as possible. We'll be shooting lots of RAW. Otherwise, bring a DVD minus R for burning.
4. Thumbdrive, just in case you'd like to copy or transfer any data.


Azhar Ariff.


  1. salam
    wah bestnya. Kelas ni yang dicari2 selama ni
    insyallah nak register utk march nyer
    tq tq tq

  2. Thanks Kak Dilla. Saya dah register nama akak untuk 28-MAC-2009. :)

  3. aiseyy...baru tau la. klu ada lg pasti ni nak join mcm mana nak tau? tolong inform ye