Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Philosophy on Wedding Photography

What does my client deserve?
I believe that every couple deserves the best wedding photography they can get. It doesn't matter where your wedding takes place, or what background you are from. You deserve the best.

I believe that chemistry is everything. If you've ever considered me to become your wedding photographer, this first indication shows that my work interests you at some level. Next step is we'll meet up, have a little chat over some beverages of snack if you'd like. This meet up will give both you and I a chance to get to know each other, line up our expectations and see if we have chemistry. If there's spark, that's great! I'm honored to be your wedding photographer. If there's none, it's good too, because you can move on to find a photographer that suits you. In short, it's like a first date. If there's chemistry, you'll know right away that the road is bright, and you know that along the way, it's gonna be a fun, memorable and the best ride of your life.

My Style.
Is there such thing as style in wedding photography? I don't know. But what I do know is that I respect your wedding, and I put that as my number one priority. By saying so, I'd like keep myself as invisible as I can during your wedding, so that your wedding unfolds it's story naturally. I am not there to attract attention, because the centre of attention should be you! I will dress as close as possible to the general crowd during your wedding, so that I'll blend in. At times, I was identified as part of the relatives, maybe because I dressed like one. I like this because the guests feel less intimidated to be photographed, and I get my shots easier. If your guests dress code is in tux, I'll be in one. If it's Baju Melayu and Songkok, I'll wear one. If it's Bermuda shirts and shorts, I'll wear that too, as long as I'm in the crowd.

In terms of photography, I want my photographs to contain a certain intensity of emotion, story and relationship in my subjects. I carry a portable lighting kit to create a particular mood that I want to reflect. In many times, this lighting kit had created spectacular "location sets" that looked far beyond the reality of the what the "real" location looked like. In short, no matter what weather, or location your wedding would be, I can make it look great. Isn't that some peace of mind?

Well, I hope this establishes some ideas on how I see wedding photography.



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