Friday, April 10, 2009

Wedding Album


There has been several types of wedding albums that I've done in the past for my clients, which includes self-adhesive albums, pocket albums, photobooks and storyboard albums (or some call it magazine-type montage album). Among the list, I've narrowed down to only producing the storyboard album, due to the fact that it's the most cost-effective for my clients and provides great colour rendition and durability.

Self-adhesive albums and pocket albums are now so cheap that it's cheaper if my clients print their own photos at the consumer photo outlets and mount it themselves. Whereas, the photobook manufacturer's print quality has been dropping over the years. The first few times I printed the books, they were totally awesome. But the latest book that I've printed has the colours and exposures mismatch and inconsistency, which forced me to reprint and stop their services completely (until I can find a truly reliable vendor).

Which leaves the storyboard album the most consistent(in terms of colour output), cost effective and durable.

For those who inquired regarding what kind of wedding album(s) do I make for their wedding photos? Here's what I'm only offering at the moment for my wedding packages:
- 10"x12" Storyboard album
- 20-pages printed on photographic paper, with UV-varnish, mounted on hardboard
- Black LV Synthetic Leather cover
- Opens flat for pleasant viewing of the album spread




  1. If i may know, where did u print yours?
    U mentioned "UV-varnished". In layman's term that is laminated right? :D

  2. Hello Kijal,

    UV-varnished is not "laminated". Though it's a form of lamination, it's actually a chemical liquid coating on top of the lab prints that binds and hardens after a curing process.

    The difference is:
    Layman's term for lamination is "Sheet lamination", while UV-varnish is "Chemical(liquid) coating"

    As for where I print mine, I'm sorry I can't disclose it publicly in the blog. There are various vendors for this kind of album if you google them up. If you'd like to know, please contact me directly.


  3. Thanks for d reply... I will b contacting u in due course... cewah.. =:)