Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Aputure Trigmaster 2.4G

From left: Aputure Trigmaster 2.4G transmitter and receiver set, 3 extra receivers to the right.

This is what you get from a set of transmitter and receiver. From top-left:sync-cord, receiver, transmitter, flash hotshoe table stand. From bottom-left: 1/2" sync adapter, PC sync cable, camera remote cable. 

I recently upgraded my remote triggers to Aputure Trigmaster 2.4G.
At first I was looking to replace my remote radio camera trigger which has failed due to a broken internal wire in the connecting cables to the camera. Therefore, one of my criteria was to find a remote that has a replaceable wire. I found the Aputure Trigmaster to fit the bill.

Turns out that the Aputure Trigmaster can also trigger flash, therefore I decided to spend some extra cash to get another three extra receivers for my speedlights.

At first I wasn't so sure about getting this brand, but after reading a review at, I was confident to go ahead with this choice.

The price is very affordable compared to other makes. A set of transmitter and receiver is RM100 only, and additional receiver is RM50/unit. This is the selling price at Digicolor, at Jalan Ipoh ( So far, Digicolor sells this unit the cheapest compared to other sellers in Malaysia.

One thing that I like about these triggers are that the transmitter uses a 23A battery and the receivers use 2xAAA batteries, which are very easy to find at 7eleven's or your local marts. My previous Cactus V2 flash triggers and my Phottix radio camera remote uses CR2 batteries which were expensive. This problem arises when the "on" switch is accidently flicked during transport or while they're in your bag and drains the battery out before you can use it.

Field Test, what I like about these triggers:

  1. Consistency.
    They fire perfectly and I have peace of mind. I've used them in three assignments to date and they all work beautifully.
  2. Low profile.
    The receivers mounts low on my umbrella bracket and it's more stable than my Cactus V2 receivers.
  3. Multipurpose.
    I like the fact that the transmitter can trigger my flash or my camera. Now I carry one thing less in my bag. Travel light.
  4. Cheap to expand your set.
    The cheap price of an extra unit of receivers (RM50/unit) means that you can build up your set faster than any other brand. 
If money is no object.
If money is not an issue, I'd probably get the TTL radio remotes from either the Phottix Odin or the new Yong Nuo 622

For photographers starting to build their off camera systems and looking for a decent remote flash or camera trigger, I highly recommend the Aputure Trigmaster 2.4G because of its is value for money and because of that it's an affordable to expand in the future (if you're planning to add more receivers into your system).


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