Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Test Shots: Stepping into Landscape and Panorama Work

It's been a while since I last toyed the idea of getting into 360 degree panorama (spherical panorama). Recently, I've acquired a solid panorama head called "Nodal Ninja 3". This evening, I've set foot to a nearby spot not far from my home to test out the equipment. I couldn't wait for good weather to test this out so I went anyway despite the grey weather. It was raining before I got to the location and what was left was just gray sky.

Oh ya, to those who are wondering what lens I was using for this shoot, it was the Canon 17-40mm f4. I don't have a fisheye lens (which would help reduce the rotation stops) so I used the widest zoom setting (17mm) for this lens. I set the panohead to click at every 45 degree intervals. That means there were 8 stops before we come full circle.

Anyway, here are the results of this test.

Please note: The following examples are TEST SHOTS in BAD WEATHER (and not so favorable location).

As you can see, from ground up: my tripod, ballhead, the auto-leveler (blue dials), Nodal Ninja 3 panorama head, and finally, my camera. The orange coloured thing on my hotshoe, near the viewfinder is an orange sticker on my remote release receiver. This image was from my phone's camera.

Here's the still shot from the panorama head. Works great!

Right after Maghrib prayers, I headed out to take another test shot. It was too late and there was no light. I took it anyway.

The lotus in the river made the reflections seems patched. Definitely a bad time to shoot on both counts.


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