Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm so proud! They're made in Malaysia!

Check out this cool stuff! Light modifiers for your speedlights. Yes! They're homegrown! 100% made in Malaysia! Click here for the Speedlight Pro Kit. Totally awesome, dude!

Last year I photographed a birthday session at Studio Solutions in Sunway Damansara, Malaysia. In the studio, I've seen some prototype snoots and awesome grids for speedlights made out of mounting boards and black straws. Little that I know that Dennis Kok, the gentleman who managed the studio while we were shooting and his partner Joe Chan, had really got something big cooking up in their oven.

Today, on Thanksgiving Day, I was surprised and very proud to find out from David Hobby's that these light modifiers are up for sale.

Hot dang! I'm gonna get me these kits!


  1. Hi Azhar,

    Thanks for a sweet post and we're touched by your kind words!

    Malaysia Boleh!


  2. Thanks Sam. Always proud to be Malaysian. Keep it up bro :)