Monday, November 17, 2008

What have I been doing lately?


I love it when I get assigned to photograph subjects that I rarely get a chance to every day. My Black & White Photography teacher, Mustaffa Aziz once told me that once in a while, we should photograph something that we haven't done before, and in the course of doing so, we might end up enjoying it. The best part is, when we go back to our comfort zone (the type of photography we love most), we'll see it in a better perspective.

And for that reason, I'm so grateful to Abdul Majid Othman, the owner of the currently established HSH Innovations, which main business is the sale of exclusive white wares, to assign me to photograph their whitewares for the new catalogue and promotional materials.

The company carry premium dinnerwares, customised to the very personal level. Previously their items were marketed under a different brand, and now they've embarked deeper into the niche market of premium whitewares. You should be very proud to own these whitewares, because they only make a few for Malaysian market. Shown above is a shot for their upcoming catalogue. I'll be processing a set of the images I shot over the weekend for the proofs, soon. Once that's done, I'll be sure to post some up here. Cheers!


  1. dude.. I'll be coming back to Msia soon, hope to visit your 'studio' or possibly attend your class..

  2. Sure thing bro. We're hoping to finish up the renovation works on the studio by mid-December, insya'allah.

  3. Thank you for the acknowledgement bro. All the best.