Monday, July 19, 2010

Bella's photo shoot. (Wow! It's been a while since I last updated this blog)

Hello Friends,

It's been really quite a while that I've updated my blog. I was pretty blocked out with work and personal matters until now. As a matter of fact, I still am. But I has come to a point that life and work will always be jam packed with events and unexpected matters. If I were to wait for a free time to update, then the next update will be a long time from now.

Now, procrastination on updating my blog has to stop. Hence I'm updating this short post with what I've been doing lately.

Last week on the 14th, we had a short session to photograph Bella. This was her second visit to FOTOMOMO since February 2010. Bella wanted to update her portfolio in line to seek modeling assignments in town. In the beginning I thought that I could handle the session on my own without an assistant, but then again, I wanted to spend more time thinking about the overall look that we'll be shooting. On the last night before the shoot, I posted a notice seeking assistants in Facebook. It was quiet as expected, until in the morning, my good friend Denis Erroyaux, from Belgium, who's also a photographer, currently staying here in KL called me up offering his service. In my head, I said "Dang, why didn't I thought of him last night?"

I was glad to have Denis around. An extra pair of hands really speed things up, and free me up to shoot. Here are some out takes of our shoot. Enjoy!

A typical group photo to wrap the day. "Where's your shoes Denis? Safety 1st, isn't it?"
From left: Denis Erroyaux, myself, Bella and her husband, Rex.

Now, for some funny faces.

Denis giving me the grin because I took his job as an assistant for a while when I dialed down the flash power of one of the flash heads. "Hey! That's my job." he said.


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