Saturday, January 2, 2010

Simple Lightroom Workflow for Photographers Seminar

The Seminar
This seminar is a "simple" seminar, tailor-made to busy photographers who have a day-job (or full-time photographers too). Most of the part-time photographers in Malaysia that I meet has this common problem, which is: "It takes too long to process the images".

This seminar will show you the "light" out of your current "darkness". You will soon know how to be able to free yourself from long nights of post-production and editing, and actually enjoy shooting more photographs without worrying about the editing process.

Learning Outcome
What are you gonna learn in this seminar?
Here are some key expectations.
  • How to get back your life, by getting organised by having a systematic post-processing workflow.
  • How to speed up your image sorting and selecting process.
  • How to process multiple photos at once.
  • How to rescue burnt highlights and shadows.
  • How to get some early sleep.

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Here are some FAQs for my upcoming Simple Lightroom Seminar

1. Q: Is a computer/laptop provided for participants in this seminar?
A: This is a seminar, not a workshop. Therefore, no computer/laptop is provided in this seminar. However, you're free to bring your own laptop if you wish. If you wish to bring a laptop, please install a trial version of Adobe Lightroom 2 available here.

Note: Although this is a seminar, I've designed a simple Lightroom Workflow System for busy photographers that works. I should be simple enough to understand that you can try it at home. To those who wants to polish their Lightroom skills after this seminar, they can attend my Lightroom workshop in the future.

2. Q: What's the maximum number of participants for a seminar? Can I concentrate?
A: The maximum number of maximum seats available would depend on the venue's capacity. By default, our studio at FOTOMOMO STUDIO will accomodate 20 participants maximum at one time.

Regarding concentration, this workflow system is designed with simplicity in mind. A lot of people worry about the complexity of editing tools. Tools are simple, as long as you understand the concept and principal of any design tools/software. They're all almost the same. You're here to learn how to harness the tool in a systematic way to your advantage.

3. Q: Where is the seminar going to be?
A: Map to the venue is here.

4. Q: How to register?
A: After making payment for the retainer, kindly email me at your full name, telephone number and bank payment transaction reference with the subject "Simple Lightroom Seminar". It's easier for me to filter your emails with this subject.


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