Saturday, January 2, 2010

Simple Food Photography Workshop

The Workshop
Since 2007, I've shared my food photography techniques in my Simple Food Photography Workshop. Until 2010, I've had twelve(12) of this workshops done successfully. These workshops once organised in a while, which is more actually based on the days that I'm free. Due to the limitation of the workshop frequency and the maximum number of five(5) participants per workshop, the demand is quite high, which translates to fast sign-up almost everytime I advertised these workshops.

To better fulfill the demand for my Simple Food Photography Workshop, I've blocked out a couple of dates for 2010. I've commited to share my knowledge in Food Photography on a predictable schedule for 2010. It's good for me, and it's good for you to plan out. Check out the dates here, or scroll down to the bottom portion of this page.

Previous Workshops
Here are some links to my previous workshops in this blog:
6th & 7th Simple Food Photography Workshop [Registration info]
8th & 9th Simple Food Photography Workshop [Registration info]
10th & 11th Simple Food Photography Workshop [Registration info]
12th Simple Food Photography Workshop [Registration info]

Upcoming 2010 Simple Food Photography Workshops

If you're interested in joining my Simple Food Photography Workshops, please checkout the available dates in the calendar below. Thanks!


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